Full-Service Program Maintenance

Regardless of how well thought out your email signature program initially is, the need for it to evolve will occur. Some of the evolutionary changes will affect all your signatures, and others may apply only to a subset. Following is a brief list of the things that can change over time which will affect all your email signatures:

  • Introduction of a new logo / branding
  • Addition of a new social media channel
  • A change to regulations pertaining to disclosures and licensing information.
  • Special one-year only branding celebrating a 10/25/50 year anniversary.
  • Winning an award or achieving a milestone that you want reflected on your signatures.

Changes to subsets of your signatures typically revolve around address changes, the opening of new branches or divisions, or the acquisition of another company.

Some of these changes will require modifications to your signature HTML code, while others will simply be text / database updates. Either way, proper up-front planning for the necessity of various changes over time pays dividends as your program matures.

Our full-service approach to the management of your email signature program provides the following benefits:

  • Enables marketing / HR to directly instigate changes (via a request to us) without needing to go through IT.
  • Entirely eliminates the learning-curve that comes with any self-managed program.
  • Leverages our knowledge of industry-wide best practices in terms of design & execution.
  • Frees up (sometimes considerably) staff time on your side for more important tasks.
  • Eliminates the risks of mistakes attributable to relative unfamiliarity with tools & database manipulations.
  • Ensures that the work on your signature program is always being done by experts.

Just call or email us when you need changes or additions - our turnaround time is usually less than four hours.

Anatomy of a Change Request

Following is a typical example of a change request. Note that this is stress-free to the client - they did not need to remember how to use any software nor think about how to correctly modify the signature HTML code. They simply told us what they wanted, and we delivered something a little bit better.

email signature update request