Lack of an In-House IT Department

Our full-service approach to email signature management is perfect for companies that do not have in-house IT capabilities. Unlike our competitors, we do not require the use of any software whatsoever. In other words, regardless of computer skills, our approach will lead to a successfully created and installed email signature in a matter of minutes, with nothing to learn.

How do we do this? We combine 3 elements:

  • our 18+ years of expertise in email signature design & coding;
  • our proprietary form-based online signature creation portal;
  • detailed and easy email signature installation instructions & apps.

As a result, all that’s required is the ability to fill out a data-entry form (name, email address, title, phone number, etc.) and then the ability to follow some simple instructions. The result, from start-to-finish, is a personalized and installed email signature, stress-free, in under 5 minutes.