Original Platform Pricing


For “smaller” projects (generally 100 users or less) our email signature pricing is a one-time fee of USD $25 per user plus a one-time program setup fee of USD $100. So, for 10 users the one-time fee would be USD $100 + (10 x USD $25) = USD $350.

Additional user licenses may be purchased on an as-needed basis for USD $25 each.

Users will be free to edit their signatures any time they need to and install them on as many computers / devices as they wish.

Note: Our licenses are non-transferrable - once they’ve been assigned to an email address they remain permanently assigned to that email address. (Exceptions apply when a person’s email address is changed.)


For larger projects (generally 100 users or more) we utilize an annual pricing approach that consists of a larger fee in the first year (covering the initial setup and rollout) and then a smaller ongoing maintenance and support fee. The fees include the unlimited use of the program by all of your users and any program changes that may be required, such as:

  • logo redesign / rebranding
  • special one-year anniversary logo
  • opening of a new location (or moving an existing one)
  • addition of a new social media link

Because of our full-service approach, we don’t quote specific pricing without knowing more about the project requirements (please complete the form at the bottom of this page for a price quote). The key pricing factors we’re generally looking at are:

  • the number of physical locations
  • the number of signature template variations (different brands / divisions)

To provide a better sense of the actual cost, here’s a typical quote for a company with just one logo, 250 users, and six locations:

  • USD $1950 in the first year
  • USD $750 annually in subsequent years

There’s an economy of scale built into our pricing, so if the hypothetical price quote above were for 2500 users, instead of 250, the pricing would not be 10 times higher, but probably closer to 4 times higher.

Note: We use the “all of your users” approach in order to make the expense easily budgetable. This is designed to accommodate organic growth - for example, if you sign-on with us and have 1000 users, but grow to 1450 users over the next year or two, your fee will not be increased. The only time we apply an additional charge is when the growth comes through acquisition - for example if you sign-on with us and have 1000 users but then increase your users to 2000 due to your acquiring another company.


If you are a non-profit please contact us a we will quote a discounted price.