Incomplete / Poorly Populated Active Directory

We’ve built our service around a proprietary database that exists entirely separate from Active Directly. The result is that no matter what state the data in your Active Directory is in, you can quickly, easily, and accurately populate the employee database necessary for a full-featured email signature program.

How do we do this? We rely on the following three premises:

  1. Individual employees see their email signature every time they compose an email and they want it to look good and be accurate.
  2. These employees already and absolutely know their own contact information.
  3. Given an easy tool to keep their signature data current and accurate, they will use it (rather than send out email with incomplete or inaccurate information).

Over the years we’ve rolled-out numerous programs to new customers (with hundreds or thousands of employees) and watched their email signature database grow from zero users to:

  • 50% complete in a day;
  • 75% complete in two days;
  • 90% complete in a week:
  • and close to 100% complete in a month.

This is with no centralized intervention - just one employee at a time creating their own email signature profile (in 2 minutes or less).

It helps that we make the data-entry process super-easy, utilizing drop-downs to pre-populate the locational data when there are multiple offices:

email signature location menu

A live preview of the email signature is displayed while the data entry form is filled out, with real-time updates to the preview signature as fields are filled in and options selected on the data-entry form. The preview in itself answers many of the questions a user may have, and it also incentivizes them to complete the data entry process accurately and fully:

email signature live preview

We also customize the labels on the data entry form as-needed, thus minimizing uncertainty on the employee’s part and maximizing the likelihood of the proper result:

email signature custom field labels

These are just some of the things we do to facilitate the easy and accurate population of an employee database that drives the email signature programs we provide.

Note: On numerous occasions we’ve had customers ask us to provide them with a spreadsheet of their employee data, knowing that what we have on file is the most accurate collection available!

Finally, to kick-off a the population of your database we can upload a spreadsheet that contains current employee data, either eliminating altogether or minimizing the data entry requirements for the entire employee base at the time of signature roll-out.