We’re Unique Among Email Signature Vendors

We provide full-service email signature programs. For you, that means minimal time investment up-front and then virtually no ongoing effort. We always do the following:

  • design, or collaborate with you on the design, of your email signature
  • do all of the required HTML coding to create a state-of-the-art signature template
  • integrate your template into our super easy-to-use (no instructions required) signature creation portal
  • assist you in deploying the signature to users via the efficient tools and methods we’ve developed
  • maintain your signature program going forward, implementing changes for you on an as-needed basis

Outsourcing - A Cost-Effective Approach

Our competitors sell software tools, giving you the means to complete and maintain your signature program. Your cost is the cost of their software plus the cost of your time.

We use the proprietary tools we’ve developed to complete and maintain your program for you. The added cost of staff time on your side is negligible.

Outsourcing - A Wise Approach

In any environment, no matter how small, the following need to be well-executed in order for your email signature to present the professionalism that we know you expect:

  • good design - graphically and in terms of content
  • proper use of specialized HTML coding techniques
  • proper installation into your email programs

Those three get you out the door. Then there’s maintenance, including things like:

  • setting up new hires and changing data for existing users
  • office relocations / “we have moved” alerts
  • conference / trade show announcements
  • awards that you want to feature
  • 10 / 20 / 50 year anniversary logos
  • promotion of new social media platforms put into use
  • acquisitions of new companies
  • hyperlink reassignments due to website overhauls
  • and many more…

Even when signatures are populated automatically with data from Active Directory, and deployed automatically to user’s email programs, the above list illustrates the need for routine intervention with an email signature program. This intervention may be infrequent, but it’s inevitable.

With everyone in your company depending on your email signature program every hour of every day, you do not want to make any mistakes when making changes. We recognize this need for perfection, and are perfectly-equipped with expertise and familiarity to get things done correctly every time. Conversely, if you’re asked to intercede in your email signature program, and you only change it three or four times a year, the process can be stressful and the chance of making a mistake magnified due to inexperience.