Email Signature Deployment

Even with great design and perfect coding, an email signature must be properly installed into user’s email “client” program(s) in order to provide the intended functionality. This process can range from very easy to considerably complex, depending on a variery of factors:

  • Number of Users
  • Number and Makeup of Different Email Programs in Use
  • Technical Competence of Users
  • Availability of IT Resources

Since 1999 we’ve been developing approaches to email signature installation / deployment designed to cover a wide spectrum of user environments. Details on deployment approaches are found under the documentation section of our website in the following categories:

  • Outlook/Office 365 Desktop App: Remote Deployment via Group Policy, Ms Sccm, Zenworks, Symantec Endpoint Management Portal of our desktop signature management software.
  • Manual Install - No IT Involvement: We provide manual deployment options for all major email programs that are exceptionally easy for users to follow and provide great results.
  • iOS: Our easy to follow instructions makes email signature installation in iPhones / iPads (native email) a snap.
  • Customized Deployments: We provide a zip download of all signature files (HTM/TXT/RTF) neatly organized into folders (named by email address) allowing for customized push-deployments tailored to most environments.