NEW: Office 365 Modern Email Signature Platform


We’re wrapping up development of a new email signature management platform that’ been designed to leverage Microsoft’s Outlook/O365 add-in API email signature events. Scheduled for a late fall / early winter 2021 release, the result will be a corporate email branding platform that’s more efficient, easier to manage and use than anything to date. Simply put, Microsoft is implementing (by far) the most significant improvements we’ve seen in the email signature environment since our founding in 1999 - this is a true game-changer.

Our web-based Outlook add-in will be available directly to users via the Microsoft AppSource (for small customers) or easily deployed remotely to users by an IT administrator (for larger customers). The technology is agentless, meaning that there are no COM or EXE modules that need to be installed on the client side. It’s a modern web-addin pushed directly to user accounts in Office 365. As a result, there’s no download, no configuration, and no security risk.

Maybe even better, this is a UI-less / event-driven add-in. What does that mean? It means that the add-in interprets events occuring within Outlook, and responds automatically - the user sees nothing new, does nothing new - but the desired result still occurs. Examples include:

  • recognize a new message being opened - add the user's corporate signature
  • recognise a reply message being composed - add the user's corporate reply signature
  • recognize that the user has Outlook set to use a non-approved signature - override it with the approved signature
  • recognize that all message recipients are "internal" - apply a slimmed-down internal signature (feature coming later)

In conjunction with this very significant change to the email signature environment, we are launching an entirely new platform designed to streamline enterprise email signature management. This platform has been designed around three defining constructs: