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(27 Mar, 2024)

Avoid These Two Insurmountable Email Signature Design Mistakes

As a designer, level-setting expectations are of critical importance if you wish to avoid the uncomfortable situation of creating a beautiful email signature design, only to discover later that it’s frequently failing in the, always messy, realm of email. The first step in this process is to take certain design concepts off the table before they ever see the light of day. This article will focus on two such design concepts – ones that are sure to cause unresolvable aggravation if pursued… more

(4 Mar, 2024)

Email Signature Program Maintainability: The “Swiss Army Knife” Approach

The design phase of an email signature program is of critical importance, not only in terms of the initial project’s success but also because oversights/mistakes at this stage can have serious adverse consequences down the road… more

(19 Feb, 2024)

Email Signature Management: Minimizing the “Needy” User Problem

The ongoing management of an email signature program will be much easier when you have satisfied users. Conversely, unsatisfied users can drive you crazy or even worse, go rouge. Preventing “needy” users is not hard, it just takes some forethought and… more

(13 Feb, 2024)

Email Signature Management: In-House or Outsource?

Brand-negative first impressions can occur in emails where poorly constructed email signatures are in use. To overcome this, an enterprise email signature management program should be implemented. Whether to do this in-house or outsource it depends on… more


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