Cloud-based Email Signature Management Portal

Our user-centric, online, approach moves the day-to-day management of email signatures out of the purvue of the IT department, and directly to the users (or the HR department if end-user access is not desireable), providing the following benefits:

  • Users (or HR staff) know best what information is accurate and which signature template fits the user.
  • Changes and additions are created directly, when needed, and with no waiting on IT staff intervention.
  • The “ownership” of signatures is placed where it belongs.
  • Inaccuracies and gaps in Active Directory are not revealed nor are they of any consequence.
  • Back-end signature configuration flexibility gives users (and marketing / HR) what they want with minimal effort and maximum reliability.

The result is no-hassle signature standardization which includes the necessary and expected level of personalization.

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Our signature management portal has been in use for years by a huge and diverse group of clients with stellar results.

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Data Management Where It Belongs - with Users (or Human Resources)

email signatures - no reliance on active directory

If you fill out a data entry form for yourself - name, title, address, email, phone number, etc. - it’s easy. If you’re asked to fill it out for someone else - spouse, sibling, coworker - it’s suddenly much harder. People know their own contact information! Asking them to type it in for the purposes of creating their email signature is not an excessive request - it’s a smart one.

Virtually all other enterprise email signature services rely on Active Directory to populate the email signatures. Even if your Active Directory is perfectly maintained this approach often falls short. Why? Because a good email signature program is likely to request some user information that is not in AD:

  • Personal LinkedIn URL
  • Executive Management or Attorney “Bio” URL from the company website
  • Professional Credentials
  • etc.

As soon as one data element is missing from AD, the efficiencies of synchronizing with Active Directory for signature data have largely evaporated - if you need manual input by the user for one thing, it’s not much more to ask them to manually type in the other data elements. Furthermore, once you’ve become willing to think beyond Active Directory, many restrictions as to what can be contained in your email signature are lifted. Our goal in establishing our service was to never have to say no to any email signature content request, and to date we’ve managed to achieve this.

Email Signatures Spreadsheet Upload

We do understand that some companies do not want to entrust the content of email signatures directly to employees (generally we hear concerns over people inaccurately stating their titles). In this case we’ll generally recommend that the link to the email signature not be released to employees, and that the HR department manages the signatures via this two step approach:

  • Provide us with a spreadsheet containing user data and we’ll upload it to create the large initial batch of signatures for all employees (saving the vast majority of the data enty requirements).
  • Manually edit these signatures as needed, and add new-hires manually as they come on board.

Keeping email signatures current and active is one of the largest hassles of any email signature program - our approach is efficient, intelligent, and keeps it simple!