We Work With Agencies & Designers

If you’re an agency or designer that needs to have email signatures produced (and supported) for a client, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll assist you an a way that will make you shine with your client!

Case Study

We were contacted by an agency that we’d never worked with before - they had this request:

“The client wants this sig for its staff - 17 people. We just need html and can customize for them, or you can quote doing them. I’d also like to add the social icons found at the top right of their website.”

They sent along this graphic of the design concept they wanted us to work from:

email signature design concept

We responded the same day with this revised design, that included the social media they had requested along with a few additional improvments & new features:

revised email signature design concept

Additionally, we loaded our design into our 3-step online-portal, which we also co-branded for the agency, Rise Strategic, as follows:

email signature data-entry portal

The result was that Rise Strategic was able to provide their client with a finished solution that exceeded their expectations, in a timely and cost-effective basis, all while knowing that they had the support of premier email signature experts to back up their deliverable.