No IT Time to Spare for Email Signatures

Depending on the size and complexity of your company, setting up and managing an email signature program can take a lot, on up to a ridiculous, amount of time. In our 18+ years doing this we’ve rarely met anyone working in IT who had time to spare, let alone time to spare for email signatures.

Let us step in and do one of two things for you:

  • take this completely out of your hands;
  • or shave 90% or more off the time required on your part.

In the first case, where this is taken completely out of your hands, we can take over the project and work directly with your marketing team, taking the project from inception through roll-out and then on to smooth-running maintenance with nothing more than a nod of approval from IT.

In the latter case, where we shave off almost all of your time, you’ll be asked to do a remote push of our desktop app to Windows workstations. That’s it. This should only take an hour or two, including testing.

Of course you can be more involved if you wish. With many of our clients it’s the IT department that hires us and maintains the direct relationship with us - passing on requests to do this-or-that to their program as-needed. It’s not long before we’ve established ourselves as trusted problem solvers, quick with results and saying “yes” to basically every request!

A Couple of Testimonials

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“I am the IT manager for a company with over 130 employees scattered across multiple physical locations. We recently rebranded our organization and quickly realized that the email signature that our marketing company developed was not compatible with the large ecosystem of mail clients and mobile phones available.

We needed a solution that was easy to deploy to our staff and broadly compatible with various devices/email clients/operating systems. DigiTech Branding’s solution is incredibly simple and easy to use and eliminated a huge IT headache for us. I wish we would have found them sooner as the cost of their service is very affordable compared to the time cost of us initially troubleshooting and deploying signatures ourselves. In addition to a stellar product, their customer service has been exceptional in all regards - responsiveness, knowledge, and courtesy.”

Travis Street, MS, Information Systems Indiana Donor Network - Designated US Organ Recovery Organization

Land Home Financial Service, Inc.

“Partnering with DigiTech has been one of the best decisions that we have made for our company. Previously having managed a system in which every signature was created manually, it was a breath of fresh air to roll out an easy to use system that not only automated the process, but also created beautiful and consistent signatures for our employees. Rex made the design process painless and ensured that he covered any and all aspects of our program. We would highly recommend DigiTech to any company looking to streamline their email signatures!”

Ramon Gutierrez, Systems Administrator Land Home Financial Services, Inc - Mortgage Lender with over 45 Locations Nationally