Significant Improvements Over Legacy Version

The legacy version of the Dynasend platform was launched in 2008 and continually developed through 2017. In 2018 it was locked down and has remained unchanged ever since. While still functioning well, it does have some weaknesses and limitations. We will continue to support it for the foreseeable future, however all new customers will be placed on the new platform and existing customers will be migrated to the new platform upon request.

Standardized Pricing

  • Industry standard “per user / per month” pricing- replaces previous annual contracts
    Note: Pricing is higher, but still super-competitive in the industry.

Tighter Security

  • Passwordless user logon via Office 365 OAuth
  • No installed software
  • No public endpoints

Active Directory Integration

  • AD integration is now supported

Simplified Deployment

  • Auto deployment via the O365 admin dashboard
  • Auto sync across computers
  • Alert messages prompting new users to complete their signature profile

Improved Performance

  • Instantaneous updates to signatures
  • No crashing or hanging up of Outlook during outages

Future Tech

  • Anticipates Microsoft’s eventual depreciation of “installed” signatures (as they change to “roaming” signatures)
  • Extensible platform designed to grow to meet emerging needs

Bug Fixes

  • Sync to Outlook Web App (OWA) is working properly again

New Email Features

  • Abbreviated REPLY signature now available in Outlook Web (not just Outlook desktop)
  • Option to apply a slimmed-down, “internal”, signature when all the recipient’s domains match the sender’s domain (intra-company emails)

Enhanced Management

  • Comprehensive management dashboard
  • Creation of signature banners greatly simplified
  • Assignment of banners to groups of users or individuals now supported
  • Addition of “notes” - functionally similar to banners but text-based
  • Removal of users

Salesforce Integration

  • Salesforce signatures are now available and are easily integrated via the Salesforce control panel