Add-in Deployment Instructions - O365 Administrators

Here are the supported email clients.

Note: Please DO NOT do this unless you have been directed to do so by Dynasend personnel. Deployment of the add-in prior to Dynasend provisioning your account will create unnecessary complications. Thank you.

Go to and Sign in to the admin account, and then click Admin:


Next, click to expand Show all:


Then, click to expand Settings:


Now click Add-ins:


Click Deploy Add-in:


Then click Next:


Copy this URL:

and paste it into the manifest file URL field. After pasting, click Upload:


To finish, Assign users and then click Deploy (screen-capture not shown). After deploying, you can close this window.

Note: It will probably take about 24 hours before the add-in appears in Outlook.

When the add-in becomes active, users will be prompted from within Outlook to complete their signature profile.