Server-Based Office 365 Deployment Overview

The DynaSend email signature agent can be installed on a 64 bit server and configured to synchronize the email signatures with Office 365. This requires that Office 365 permissions be properly set by the administrator. Once configured, the Server Agent will then apply the appropriate signature to all Office 365 accounts, provided there is a match between the Office 365 email address and the email address that was used to create the signature through the DigiTechBRANDING online email signature portal. Email signatures in Office 365 will be updated using the synchronization schedule (between 1 and 24 hours) that has been set up in the Server Agent’s configuration screen.

The roll-out procedure is as follows:

  • Admin installs Server Agent and configures it, including setting Office 365 permissions.
  • The link to our online signature creation portal is distributed to employees (or signatures can be created by us via a spreadsheet upload).
  • Once the employee has completed the signature creation process, the signature will (soon) appear in Office 365 for their use.
  • Any future edits to the signature by an employee will have to occur by revisiting the portal link.

Note: The signatures may be created prior to, or following, the admin’s installation and configuration of the server software. The sequencing is unimportant, as nothing will happen until the software has been set up and the signature created.

Synchronization Between Your Server and Our Data Server

Synchronization of email signatures between our data server and your server occurs via a zip file download triggered by a URL that we supply you with (ARTILE being the “client code” in this case):

email signatures download URL

The downloaded signatures are organized such that they will properly interface with our transport agent. The organizational structure is as follows:

email signatures download folder structure

The synchronization process is handled by our “download agent” software, which is bundled in the installer with our server agent. One super-simple configuration utility governs the operation of the download agent and the server agent.

email signatures recently modified download parameter