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IT Implications of the Dynasend Email Signature Management Service

We collaborate with branding / design agencies to provide the technical framework needed to power enterprise-level O365 email signature programs. Working together we can deliver a world-class email signature solution that has been custom designed to meet your exacting brand standards. The purpose of this page is to provide a top-level overview of the IT implications of our service.

(Marketing aspects of the service are covered here on a page targeted towards your marketing team.)

Technical Requirements

We offer two platforms - the primary one is for companies using Microsoft’s O365 for email, and the secondary (older) one is for everyone else. Everything from this point forward will relate to the O365 platform. (The older platform does remain available, to use as needed.)

There are two technical requirements that must be met:

If these two requirements are met then the service offers a vialble solution to your enterprise email signature management needs.

Note: Do not deploy the add-in until your program has been configured and we have given you the go-ahead!

Azure / Entra ID Active Directory Sync

Active Directory sync is optional (there’s a simple user interface allowing users to directly create their signature profile when AD sync is not set up).

Here are two pages discussing the AD sync process:


Specific information covering security & performance can be found here.


Pricing for our service is found here.

Note that the USD $160 per hour maintenance fees discussed almost never comes into play. These are added on our pricing page simply to protect ourselves in the case that the demands of a customer get ridiculous.