vCard Mapping

Dynasend’s vCard Mapping function allows you to map your fields into the vCard (.VCF) file that is automatically produced by Dynasend. The resulting vCard, when opened in Outlook, can look somethign like this:

email signature vcard

The vCard Mapping screen looks like this (but with a lot more fields):

email signature vcard mapping

A number of the vCard Mapping fields should not be used, as shown here:

  • Photo
  • Company
  • Name
  • Name First - DO NOT USE
  • Name Last - DO NOT USE
  • Name Prefix - DO NOT USE
  • Name Suffix - DO NOT USE
  • Name Additional - DO NOT USE
  • Address Street
  • Address City (include city, postcode and country here as well)
  • Address - DO NOT USE
  • Name Additional - DO NOT USE
  • Address - DO NOT USE
  • Title
  • Label - DO NOT USE
  • URL
  • Notes
  • Phone
  • Cellphone
  • Fax

The code to put in your HTML to open the .VCF file is:

email signature vcard mapping

The fields map as shown here:

email signature vcard fields