Modern O365 Platform Benefits (vs. Original Version)

Enhanced Management

  • Comprehensive management dashboard
  • Creation of signature banners greatly simplified
  • Assignment of banners to groups of users or individuals now supported
  • Addition of “notes” - functionally similar to banners but text-based
  • Removal of users

New Email Features

  • Abbreviated REPLY signature now available in Outlook Web (not just Outlook desktop)
  • Option to apply a slimmed-down, “internal”, signature when all the recipient’s domains match the sender’s domain (intra-company emails)

Improved Performance

  • Instantaneous updates to signatures
  • No crashing or hanging up of Outlook during outages

Bug Fixes

  • Sync to Outlook Web App (OWA) is working properly again

Tighter Security

  • Passwordless user logon via Office 365 OAuth
  • No installed software
  • No public endpoints allowing signature viewing online

Future Tech

  • Anticipates Microsoft’s eventual depreciation of “installed” signatures (as they change to “roaming” signatures)
  • Extensible platform designed to grow to meet emerging needs

Salesforce Integration

  • Salesforce signatures are now available and are easily integrated via the Salesforce control panel

Active Directory Integration

  • AD integration is now supported

Simplified Deployment

  • Auto deployment via the O365 admin dashboard
  • Auto sync across computers
  • Alert messages prompting new users to complete their signature profile