Full-Service Program Setup

For over 20 years Dynasend / Digitech Branding has been custom designing, coding, and deploying email signatures for companies worldwide. Simply put, we’re experts at this surprisingly finicky task. We can take your email signature program from zero to 100 almost immediately, with no hiccups, no stress, and no learning-curve on your part.

The tools we’ve created enable us to configure an email signature program that’s tailor-made to your needs, providing an end-result that’s certain to be well received by your users. Built on the Liquid template language, our platform provides tremendous flexibility in terms of customization, allowing us to accommodate for virtually any nuance, no matter how complex, required by your email signature program. The result is ease-of-use, simplicity and consistency for your users.

We’ll design the signature for you, using an iterative process engaging your collaboration, or we’ll take whatever design you (or your designer) have come up with and translate it into a functional HTML email signature.

All of our signatures are custom-coded, and all images are resized, cropped, padded where needed, made transparent, etc. by hand. The advantage of this, over the DIY drag-and-drop template-based editors that most of our competitors rely on, is the ability to design to any layout, and to immediately fine-tune the signature to exacting specifications. While the differences may be subtle in many cases, when you consider the number of emails, generated by each person in your company, day after day, it’s easy to see that there’s real value in getting the email signature exactly right.

In terms of on-going maintenance, we’ll be standing-by to assist with any program-specific modifications that you may need over time.

Original Email Signature Designs

Business email signatures typically consist of three primary components - key contact information, company logo, and one or more hyperlinks. Of these, it is generally the logo that drives the layout. Logos can be more-or-less horizontal, squarish / roundish, or vertical. We’ve developed two primary layouts that we generally employ, depending on the shape of the logo.

Email Signatures Design Fundementals

While we are willing and able to execute almost any design you have in mind, the 20+ years we’ve spent in designing email signatures has taught us to focus more than anything on the way the signatures actually perform in day-to-day use. Performance, that is, the way they display when someone receives an email message is the one true measure of success.

Your Email Signature Design Converted To HTML

We’ve focused almost exclusively on the custom design and coding of email signatures since 1999. As a result, we have a large collection of extremely well field tested HTML code to work with. Email signatures are surprisingly difficult to code, and until they have been thoroughly tested across email clients / devices / operating systems / and configurations there is a great deal of uncertainty as to how well they will withstand the rigors of the email environment. For every project we employ the most appropriate and robust coding approach.

Because we code everything by hand that we can almost always execute a signature that meets the most exacting desires of our customers - even if these are obscure or complex.

The process is simple:

  • You send us your design (PDF, screen-capture, sketched mock-up, etc.)
  • If the layout is not technically viable, we’ll inform you of its problem(s).
  • If the layout is viable, we’ll execute the HTML coding and integrate the template into our email signature production & management platform.

We generally turn projects around in less than 3 business days.

Email Signature Design Conversion