DynaSend Email Signatures


REX WESTON: The founder of DigiTechBRANDING / DynaSend, Weston has been designing and creating email signature solutions for businesses of all sizes since 1999. He's authored numerous articles on the design, coding and deployment of email signatures and is one of the world's foremost authorities on this niche topic.

In 1987, prior to delving into the world of email signatures, Weston founded and operated Weston Medical Data Systems, Inc., a designer of proprietary statistical analysis software that was ultimately used by over 300 hospitals across the USA. He sold the company to the Hospital Council of Western Pennsylvania in 1999.

Weston cut his teeth as an entrepreneur in 1977, putting himself through college and graduate school by founding and running a small contracting business (5 to 7 employees) through 1986.

Weston handles all aspects of the day-to-day operations of DigiTechBRANDING / DynaSend with the deep understanding of customer service he's developed over nearly four decades as a small business owner - as he likes to say, "We're from the Midwest. We work hard, talk straight and deliver as promised. We've done it for 38 years."

KRIS KOSKELIN: As lead technical developer (on a part time basis), Koskelin is responsible for all aspects of DynaSend's cloud-based services. With his expertise in javascript frameworks/toolkits, Backbone.js, jQuery and Coffeescript, Koskelin continues to enhance the DynaSend platform, while ensuring its continued smooth and trouble-free operation.

GIL O'BRIEN: DigiTechBRANDING assigns most of the small email signature projects it receives (and 100% of the revenue) to O'Brien, a freelancer, who assumes full responsibility for the project and ongoing support. O'Brien splits his time between email signature projects, his work as a professional artist, and as a skilled product designer and draftsman (specializing in toys).

EDWARD FORGÁCS: Executing software designs provided by Weston, Forgács firm, Quantum Software Solutions, has developed the Microsoft Exchange Server Transport Agent (Signature Agent) and the Microsoft Outlook Deployment Tool, both designed to facilitate the automated deployment of the email signatures created online via the DigiTechBRANDING / DynaSend service.