How to Manually Download Your Signature via Our Desktop App

Begin by closing Outlook.

Next locate the “DynaSend Outlook Signature Deployment Tool” icon:

app icon

either from within your Windows START menu or in your Windows System tray as follows:

location of app icon

Click the icon to open the app.

Note: If you can’t locate the “D” icon, you probably do not have the desktop app installed. If you want to install it now click here for instructions.

Click “Download Your Signature Now”

download signature now button

After 15 seconds or so you should see a message telling you that the download is complete. Click “OK”.

signature downloaded

Note: If your signature does not download successfully, verify that you have your email address entered correctly in the app - it must match the email address used when creating your signature via our online portal.

Close the app, and restart Outlook.

Click “New Message” and see if your signature (or updated signature) appears.

If you do not see the updated signature yet, follow these steps:

  • from your inbox, click FILE in the upper left
  • click “Options”
  • click “Mail” in the left-hand column
  • click the “Signatures” button (over to the right)
  • set the default signature for new messages and for replies & forwards to “signature”
  • click “OK” to close the dialog box

set default

Return to your inbox and click “New Message” and you should now see your updated signature.

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