Email Signature Installation Instructions

Install Your Apple / Mac Mail or Outlook for Mac Signature via Our Desktop App

This Applies to:

  • Apple / Mac Mail
  • Outlook for Mac

Note: Before the app can be installed you need to have created your signature by filling out our data-entry form (or by having someone else fill it out for you.) If you are unsure whether your signature has been created yet, enter your email address and click the button to display your signature in a browser tab:

If your signature appeared, then it has been created and you can continue.

If you saw a message that said “signature not found” then you need to create your signature before proceeding. To do this, use the signature creation link that has been provided elsewhere - if you don’t have it please contact the person in your company / organization that is in charge of the email signature project and request the signature creation link.

Apple / Mac Mail requires you to first create a temporary signature, and to set the configuration to properly use the signature. Follow the five steps shown in the graphic below to do this. You can name the signature whatever you want, we called it “My Signature” here in these instructions.


Click here to download the app

After downloading, open your “Downloads” folder and Double-click the package file “EmailSignature.pkg”. You may see the following alert:

If this occurs, open your Security & Privacy settings and select the “General” tab. Click the “Open Anyway” button.

You will now be able to click “Open” and proceed with the installation.

Click “Continue” when prompted.

Click “Install” when prompted.

Click “Close” when prompted.

Once installation is complete, open “EmailSignature” found in your Applications list.

STEP 2. Follow the 5 steps shown below to configure our app to properly install your signature.

Note: If your signature does not download successfully, verify that you have your email address entered correctly in the app - it must match the email address used when creating your signature via our online portal.

STEP 3. Your signature should now appear when you go to compose a message.

Note: Hyperlinks in email never work while you are composing or responding to a message. To test your links, compose a message to yourself, and try the links when you have received it and are reading it.

Install Your Signature on your iPhone or iPad

If you want to install your signature on your iPhone or iPad, follow these instructions.