Email Signature Code Creation

Least Expensive - HTML Email Signature Code / User Modifiable Templates

HTML code forms the basis for all email signatures, and the quality of this code is of utmost importance. We can write this code for you (based on a design you provide or we can do the design work as well) and can provide it to you in one or both of two ways:

Note that this code alone is not a complete solution, especially when producing signatures for multiple users. Inevitably you’ll need to address one or more of the following:

  • customizing the template for each user
  • providing the email signature and installation instructions appropriate to various email programs and devices
  • keeping up with new employees and signature edits for existing users
  • successfully placating disgruntled users as they first encounter the inevitable problems surrounding the use of HTML email signatures
  • providing ongoing support and technical assistance as email programs change and evolve

We are willing to create the HTML code only for you (request code only pricing), but we strongly encourage you to go the extra step and utilize a “white labeled” version of our turn-key service.

More Expensive - Best for You & Your Clients - White-label Program for Designers & Agencies

If you’re a designer and have been called upon to put an email signature program in place for a client, you may wish to consider leveraging our technology and expertise through our “white-label” program. It works like this:

  • We create the optimal HTML code using your email signature design,
  • then upload it into our cloud-based email signature generator which is branded with your logo.
  • We then send you the project URL to test and deliver to your client,
  • giving you the recognition for procuring and having set up the service your client has requested,
  • while we remain available to handle all of the ongoing maintenance and support.

As you may know, or are learning, no email signature program (especially for quite a few users) is simple. Over the past fifteen years, we’ve developed efficient and effective approaches to all of the following (inevitable) issues:

  • Customizing signatures for individual user requirements while adhering to brand standards.
  • Providing the email signature and installation instructions appropriate to various email programs and devices.
  • Keeping up with new employees and signature edits for existing users.
  • Successfully placating disgruntled users as they encounter the occasional, but inevitable, problems surrounding the use of HTML email signatures.
  • Providing ongoing support and technical assistance as email programs change and evolve.

Sub-Contracting is Smart: When the development of an email signature is just a small piece of the overall scope-of-work with your client, farming it out to an expert makes good sense - after all, it is your client’s ultimate satisfaction that matters the most. By delivering a state-of-the-art email signature service you’re going to look great!

Illustration of How This Works: Our email signature generator consists basically of three webpages.

email signature white label programs

On the first page the users (the individual employees of your client) enter their email address (and select their location if your client has multiple locations).

On the second page the users complete a very brief form, entering their name, title, phone number, etc. This data is used to produce the finished email signature.

The third page provides a link to to the finished signature as well as installation instructions (simple copy-and-paste). The entire process takes just a minute or two.

click to create your own Schmidt signature now

Great Service / Non-Compete: Any concerns you may have regarding the quality of the service we’ll offer your clients should be alleviated by reading what our clients have to say.

Also, as you can see from our website, we offer no services other than email signatures, so we pose no threat to your ongoing business relationship with your clients.

Our Interaction With Your Client: With a web-based service that relies on servers, domains, and URL’s, it would be virtually impossible for us to be truly invisible to your client. Given this, we will work with you (and your client) in whatever way you feel is most appropriate.

On one end of the spectrum, we can invoice you, establish contacts with you only, and have you be the intermediary between us and your client for any support issues that come up. We’ve found over the years though that support is best provided directly to the customer, design and signature content direction is best handled through you (the designer), and the approach to invoicing doesn’t matter at all.

Note that we are absolutely clear that what we are doing is working for you, in the provision of a service that your client needs.

Contact Us for Pricing or to Get Started: If you’re interested in our white label service please click here to request pricing, and please be sure to let us know roughly how many email signatures your customer will be needing and anything else that you feel is pertinent to the project.