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Here’s a simple fact - if an email signature contains even a single graphic, it will misbehave from time-to-time. While the vast majority of the email signatures we produce do contain graphics - it makes them look good and the misbehavior is generally tolerable - there are two cases where it may make real sense to avoid the use of graphics altogether:

  • Your logo can be nicely replicated as stylized HTML text
  • Your tolerance for graphical failures is extremely low

Below are examples that illustrate each of these situations. First we begin with a signature where the logo was nicely replicated as stylized HTML

Email Signature - No Graphics - 2

Next we have a logo below that was less well replicated, but by constructing the signature as pure graphics, all potential for bad behavior related to graphics was eliminated.

Email Signature - No Graphics -2

It is important to understand that we are designing for email, not for the web, and as a result quite a few design restrictions apply. Despite that, there’s a good likelihood that we can achieve a text only email signature that reflects your branding reasonably well.

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