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Our “Signature Manager” add-in for Outlook has been designed as an optional addition to our online email signature service.  With the addition of this add-in, Outlook will perform at its highest possible level with regards to using the email signatures we provide.  Specifically, our Signature Manager add-in will:

  • Largely automate the installation of signatures (silently or with minimal user input).
  • Automatically upgrade plain text messages to HTML, thereby facilitating signature use more widely and clearing up a point of frequent user confusion and frustration.
  • Differentiate between “internal” messages sent between co-workers and “external” messages sent outside the company, allowing different signatures to be applied in these two different cases.

Demo’s Available:  The Signature Manager add-in for Outlook communicates directly with our online DigiTechBRANDING email signature service.  If you would like to test the overall combination of our signatures and the add-in, we must begin by setting up a demonstration signature program for you.  Please call us directly or email us - - to request a demonstration.

Silent Install - Technical White Paper:  To gain an understanding as to how this can be deployed in larger settings, please refer to our Automatic Network Deployment Whitepaper for technical details.

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