Gmail Email Signature Installation Instructions

Part 1 - Copying Your Signature to Your Clipboard

Use the link provided in the email to open your signature in your browser.

Mac Users take Note: If you use Safari as your default browser during the installation the formatting will be goofed up. Copy the URL from Safari and paste it into another browser - Google Chrome or Firexox - and then use that browser to complete the installation.

In the tab with your signature, press Ctrl-A then Ctrl-C - this will select your entire signature and then copy it to your clipboard.

Note: Mac users will use Command-A and Command-C.

Part 2 - Gmail Signature Setup Instructions

1. Sign into Gmail and click the GEAR icon in the upper right. The click SEE ALL SETTINGS.

email signature gmail instructions 1

2. Scroll down to the “SIGNATURE” section, and click CREATE NEW.

email signature gmail instructions 2

3. Type in a name for your signature and then click CREATE.

email signature gmail instructions 3

4. Click your cursor into the signature dialog box and then PASTE (Ctrl-V) your signature there.

email signature gmail instructions 4

Note: DO not edit your signature after pasting it in - EDITING IT MAY BREAK SOME OF ITS FUNCTIONALITY!

5. Set your signature to be used for both NEW messages and for REPLIES, and check the “Insert signature before quoted text…” box.

email signature gmail instructions 5

6. Scroll down to the bottom of the “Settings” page and click SAVE CHANGES.

email signature gmail instructions 6

Note: Hyperlinks in email never work while you are composing or responding to a message. To test your links, compose a message to yourself, and try the links when you have received it and are reading it.