Skype Users: If you see phone numbers that look like this or this iinstead of like this you need to temporarily disable Skype's click-to-call functionality during the entire installation process, from start to finish. The easiest way to disable this is to remove or uninstall the "Click to Call with Skype plugin" via Windows' Control Panel's Add/Remove or Uninstall Program function. Skype click-to-call can also be deactivated by disabling the plugin through your browsers' manage add-ons/plugins options (actual procedure varies according the browser type).

FAQ's (These may be helpful AFTER installation):
Part 1 - Copying Your Signature to Your Clipboard
Note: If you don't currently have your signature open in a browser tab, display it now:     

In the tab with your signature, press Ctrl-A then Ctrl-C - this will select your entire signature and then copy it to your clipboard.

Note: Mac users will use Command-A and Command-C.
Part 2 - Gmail Signature Setup Instructions
1. Sign into Gmail and click the GEAR icon and pull down to SETTINGS in the upper right.
2. Scroll down to the "SIGNATURE" section, click the bottom radio-button (little dot) to turn your signature on, and then click your cursor into the edit window and press the ENTER key once, then PASTE your signature into the edit window.

Note: If you want to input any of your own text in addition to the signature we've created for you, please type and format that text first, and then do your pasting of our signature as your last step. This will prevent you from accidentally damaging any of the hidden formatting code we use to activate links, etc. If you paste first, then use your keyboard to further modify the signature you risk damaging the hidden code. If this happens (you'll know because your links won't work), just start over from scratch.
3. Click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the page and you should be all set.

Note: Hyperlinks in email never work while you are composing or responding to a message.  To test your links, compose a message to yourself, and try the links when you have received it and are reading it.