Instructions for Creating or Editing the Plain Text Equivalent to your HTML Email Signature

Navigate to the MAIL dialog box in Outlook then look for the SIGNATURES button. Place your cursor on it, hold down your Ctrl key, and click your mouse at the same time:

The folder where your signatures are stored will be opened.

Locate the text version of the signature you have created and set as your default. For example, let’s say that you named the graphical signature you just set up My-New-Signature. In this folder you’ll see these three files (and maybe others as well):


The one you need to work with is the one with the txt extension. Right click on it and choose OPEN WITH and then select Notepad as the program to open it with. Edit it as you wish, creating a simple text-based email signature like:

John Doe
Vice President
Acme Supply
101 N. 53rd Street
Milwaukee, WI 53118
Phone: (414) 355-5699

Save this file without changing it’s name or location. The text-based version of your email signature will now be set.