Lotus Notes Email Signature Installation Instructions

FAQ’s (These may be helpful AFTER installation)

Part 1 - Copying Your Signature to Your Clipboard

Note: If you don’t currently have your signature open in a browser tab, display it now:


In the tab with your signature, press Ctrl-A then Ctrl-C - this will select your entire signature and then copy it to your clipboard.

Note: Mac users will use Command-A and Command-C.

Part 2 - Lotus Notes - Email Signature Installation Instructions

1. Click “More” (see below):

2. Pull down to “Preferences” (see below):

3. Select the “Signature” tab within Preferences (see below):

4. This is where you will want to PASTE the signature that you’ve got copied to your computer’s clipboard. Either press CTRL-V to paste it in, or RIGHT CLICK your mouse and choose PASTE - your signature will appear in the signature edit window (see below):

5. Now select “Automatically append a signature to the bottom of my outgoing emails” and whenever you create a new message your email signature will appear in the new message field (see below):

6. Click OK and you’re done! (see below):

The next time you go to compose a message your signature will automatically appear.

Note: Hyperlinks in email never work while you are composing or responding to a message. To test your links, compose a message to yourself, and try the links when you have received it and are reading it.