DigiTechBRANDING Email Signatures
FAQ's (These may be helpful AFTER installation): /pages/email-signature-user-faqs.html
Part 1 - Copying Your Signature to Your Clipboard
Note: If you don't currently have your signature open in a browser tab, display it now:     

In the tab with your signature, press Ctrl-A then Ctrl-C - this will select your entire signature and then copy it to your clipboard.

Note: Mac users will use Command-A and Command-C.
Part 2 - IBM iNotes - Email Signature Installation Instructions
1. Find tab called " More" along the top of your email lists (see below):
2. Then select " Preferences" (see below):
3. Click on " Mail" (see below):
4. Click on " Signature" (see below):
5. PASTE your signature into the " Rich Text" field (see below):

Note: If you already have a signature in place, you should first delete it completely by clicking your cursor into the signature edit window under "Rich text" and pressing Ctrl-A (to select all) and then your Delete key. This will ensure that your old signature is completely removed before you install your new one.
6. Be sure " Automatically append...' is checked and " Rich text" is selected (items 1 and 2). Then click " Save and Close" (item 3) at the top (see below):