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Overview of Our Services

We have focused almost exclusively on the design and coding of professional email signatures since 1999. Our 1000's of satisfied clients worldwide range in size from 1 to 30,000+ users. We offer a unique full-service approach to what can otherwise be the frustrating and time-consuming task of creating and managing email signatures. Our website provides detailed information on all aspects of email signatures, and we encourage you to explore it, or just pick up the phone and call us at (920) 648-5408 with your questions. What really sets us apart from other email signature services is that we provide you with a turn-key solution - there is virtually nothing for you to learn and very little that you need to do. Between our expertise and the extensive proprietary toolkit we've developed over the years, we're able to deliver the best possible result to you, extremely quickly, and at a very afforadable price!

Our approach to any project covers all four of the critical phases:

  • Design
  • Production
  • Deployement
  • Management

Design Phase

Whether you need a professional email signature just for your own use, or need to roll out a standardized email signature program across your enterprise, you've come to the right place. The turnaround time for a project is typically 1 - 2 business days. We begin by reviewing your website (and your current email signature if you have one). From this we pick up the branding queues that you use, company tagline, social media, etc. Also, we look for any especially important aspects of your online presence such as requests for a quote, a featured video, or an online catalog. Then, based on this initial analysis of your online presence we create an email signature design concept for you. This is provided to you by email for your evaluation and comments. From here, the process of fine-tuning and tweaking both the design and the content usually occurs very quickly.

Production Phase

With the design finalized and content options nailed down, it's time to create the individual personalized signatures for each user in your company. Whether it's one user or thousands, we employ a super easy to use cloud-based portal to produce the finished signatures. This portal, basically a data entry form, is customized for your project to minimize user input, maximize user flexibility, and ensure accuracy and consistency. We do this by pre-populating all the data fields that we can. For example, let's assume you have three locations - Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The portal opens with a drop-down menu prompting a user to select their location. Depending on which city they pick, certain data fields are pre-populated for them - physical address, map URL, and perhaps main phone and fax number. Two things are accomplished by doing this. First, it's ensured that the address is correct and consistent. Secondly, the user is left only needing to populate data fields that are pertinent to them - name, credentials, title, mobile number, personal LinkedIn URL, etc. As a result the data entry form is quick to complete and the user is able to create a signature that, while standardized, includes the specific elements that are unique to them.

Note: If you wish to jump-start your project we can upload an employee spreadsheet which will result in the immediate creation of all your signatures. Typically this applies to companies with many hundreds or thousands of users.

Deployment Phase

The proper installation and configuration of your email signatures is vitally important to their performance once put into use. We provide a wide array of tools and approaches to ensure that your deployment process goes smoothly. Our most popular approach is our desktop app for Outlook and Office 365. This can be pushed out remotely by your IT Department or manually installed by users themselves. It ensures proper installation into Outlook and Office 365 and keeps the user's signature synchronized at all times. Manual installation approaches are provided for iPhone / iPad, Gmail and almost all other email programs. An easy-to-configure Exchange Server "Transport Agent" is also available for those who wish to take this approach.

Management Phase (Ongoing)

Once your signature program has been successfully deployed, you enter the management phase. There are four primary aspects to this phase:

  • New users and edits by existing users.
  • Address changes due to office relocations or new branches / divisions being opened.
  • Content / design changes such as the addition of new social media or a logo redesign.
  • Time-sensitive implementation of marketing campaigns and special announcements.

The ability to easily manage any and all of these needs as they crop up is important to the onging success of your professional email signature program. We utilize a blended approach, providing you with direct, hands-on, access to the easiest of these tasks, while at the same time providing you with full service management ensuring that everything that you need gets done promptly, accurately, and best of all, with no stress to you.


Starting at USD $125, we have price plans designed to fit companies of all sizes. Our professional email siganture plans are broken down roughly as follows:

  • 60 or fewer users: One-time setup fee of USD $100 and USD $25 per user license (for example, 5 users would be USD $100 + (5 x USD $25) = USD 225.
  • Above 60 users we generally charge a low annual fee which allows for the unlimited use of our service and complete management and maintenance by us.

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Some of Our Professional Email Signature Customers

We provide professional email signatures to leading brands around the world. In addition to the large brands we support, we've had 1000's of smaller companies as clients for many years.

American Family Insturance
Mayo Clinic
Johnson Controls

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We provide everything you need to successfully manage your organization's professional email signatures.

With 18 years of experience and a track record of success to match, we can ensure that the development and roll-out of your professional email signature program will be efficient and stress-free.

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