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Signature / Portal Support: For support related to the email signatures (their design / content / or use) you may contact DynaSend / DigiTechBRANDING by phone at (920) 648-5408 or by email at sales@digitechbranding.com.

Exchange Server Software Support: Our transport agent software has been developed (and is supported) by Quantum Software Solutions in Australia.

Support contracts for the Exchange Server software may be purchased from DynaSend/DigiTechBRANDING for an annual fee of USD $200.

Quantum Software Solutions Website
Quantum Software Solutions Support Page
Quantum Software Solutions Contact Page

Email (preferred): support@quantumsoftware.com.au

Telephone: +61 2 8071 3100 (9am - 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Quantum Software Solutions Logo
Download Signature Agent for Exchange Server 2010: DynaSendSignatureAgent2010Setup1-1-8-x64.msi
Download Signature Agent for Exchange Server 2013: DynaSendSignatureAgent2013Setup1-1-8-x64.msi
Download Signature Agent for Exchange Server 2016: DynaSendSignatureAgent2016Setup1-1-8-x64.msi
Software Installation Installation of the Transport Agent software on your exchange server is via the normal installer process. There are no options that you need to respond to during the installation.

email signatures exchange server installer
Software Configuration The configuration process is extremely easy.
  • Signature Download URL - we will supply this to you as a part of your overall signature program.
  • Signature Files Folder - normally just accept the default location.
  • Internal Domains - any domains you enter here will receive only the abbreviated "internal" version of the signature if there are no external recipients of the message.
  • Download Signatures Every - just select a frequency (in hours) for your Exchange Server to sync with our server and retrieve any recently added or modified email signatures.
email signatures exchange server configuration screen