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Supported products include Microsoft Outlook (all versions), Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora (Qualcomm and OSE), Outlook Express/Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, all major webmail, Mac Mail and Outlook 2011 (on the Macintosh), and most others. The only two known unsupported programs are Lotus Notes and Entourage on the Mac.

End-user installation & set up is very easy, rarely requiring any technical assistance. Our detailed installation instructions are specific to each email program and are very easy to follow.

Our HTML coding is highly refined and tested to work when being sent from all supported email programs. Due to the complexities of Microsoft Word in Outlook, and the variations among devices and programs receiving email, performing this coding to a high standard is not simple. Our design page provides additional details.

Our super-simple and well proven manual deployment process has been used with great success across companies with hundreds and thousands of users time-and-time-again.

When desirable, we offer batch creation and push deployment options in order to largely automate the entire signature creation and deployment process.

Our approach to meeting your need for email signatures is very different than that of other email signature vendors - it may or may not be for you, but at least it provides an interesting alternative.

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Founded in 1999, Digitech Branding is a proprietary technology developer and service provider with the singular focus of producing standardized, high-quality, professional email signatures for companies and organizations worldwide.

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