Explanation of the Email Signature Services We Offer

Our customers range in size 1 to 22,000+ users, and pricing ranges from a one-time fee of $125 (USD) to multi-year contracts in the tens of thousands of dollars. To best meet these vastly different needs, we offer the following four categories of services.

DO-IT-YOURSELF EMAIL SIGNATURES (free): If you’re in the process of creating your own email signature and are looking for some help, here are five useful resources:

The creation and implementation of a top-quality email signature program is a surprisingly complex task, and in the business setting, it’s extremely important. The above resources contain most of our cumulative knowledge - if you wish to achieve a solid result we encourage you to follow our guidance closely.

HTML CODE / USER MODIFIABLE TEMPLATES (typically $125 to$375): HTML code forms the basis for all email signatures. The quality of this code is of utmost importance. We can write this code for you (based on a design you provide or we can do the design work as well) and can provide it to you in one or both of two ways:

This is an easy and inexpensive way of leveraging our expertise.

NON DATA-BASED ONLINE EMAIL SIGNATURE GENERATION (typically $125 to$1500): As a step up from the copy-and-paste template above, we can tie your signature template into our online signature generator. The primary advantages are:

  • easier and more efficient process for users
  • higher likelihood of enforcing standardization
  • enhanced user flexibility
  • reduced opportunity for user error

This level of service is often best suited to the following types of situations:

  • large companies with a disproportionally low email signature budget
  • the provision of email signatures as giveaways (e.g. a college campus offering signatures to students)
  • offering email signatures to business franchisees as a supplemental marketing tool

This service is close, but not exactly the same, as our data-driven programs - click here for an explanation of their differences.

DATA-DRIVEN EMAIL SIGNATURE PROGRAMS - OUR STANDARD SERVICE (ranging from $125 to$10,000+): These are turn-key email signature programs designed to provide maximum uniformity (along with user flexibility), efficiency, and performance. Pricing remains reasonable, and we generally suggest this level of service to most of our clients regardless of size. Click here to watch a 3 minute video overview of this service.

As needed, we will bring to bear our comprehensive array of proprietary technologies to ensure that your program exactly meets your needs.

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Founded in 1999, Digitech Branding is a proprietary technology developer and service provider with the singular focus of producing standardized, high-quality, professional email signatures for companies and organizations worldwide.

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