Pro Bono Services

We’re committed to developing email signature programs for charitable organizations and select non-profits on a pro-bono basis.

To best ensure the widespread organizational adoption of email signatures, we ask that requests come from a senior person working in the areas of IT, Marketing & Communications, Outreach, Development or Fundraising, at the organization’s headquarters.  (If you’re not in one of these roles, simply contact your headquarters and ask them to make this request to us on behalf of the entire organization.)  Requests can be made by contacting us.

Recent projects include:

Note: Despite their non-profit status, it’s our view that most hospitals and healthcare organizations are businesses, as are collegiate athletic departments, and will generally be viewed by us as prospective paying customers.

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Founded in 1999, Digitech Branding is a proprietary technology developer and service provider with the singular focus of producing standardized, high-quality, professional email signatures for companies and organizations worldwide.

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