Differences Between Non Data-based and Data-Driven Email Signature Generation

Non Data-Based: With this level of service we do not create a mitli-locational supporting database, nor do we store user entered data for an extended period. Here’s a list of what makes this inferior to our standard, data-driven, service:

  • if you have multiple locations, addresses must be manually entered by each user, making it difficult to ensure consistency and accuracy
  • if you want to include a map link, the user must acquire the URL and copy-and-paste it in place
  • users have to start from scratch to make any modifications to their email signature (after 24 hours)
  • downloadable vCards are not available
  • global updates are not available, that is, we can’t change someting for you and regenerate all your signatures - we can only change your master template and all users will then need to recreate their signatures from scratch

Data-Driven Service (Our Standard): Along with storing user data, we create and maintain a locational database that supports the specific requirements for each location. Advantages of this approach include:

  • pre-population of address information (sometiimes phone and/or fax numbers) ensures consistency and accuracy
  • map link URL’s are pre-populated
  • downloadable vCards are generated and available
  • user data profile is available for updating as needed - starting over from scratch is not required
  • we can make global or location-specific updates to all signatures for you as needed (individual reinstallation of signatures is still required)
  • advanced deployment processes are enabled (zip download of all HTML, RTF, and TXT files for scripted push deployment)

Illustrating the Immediate Differences: The image below illustrates the immediate difference seen by the user.

Data-Driven vs. Non Data-Drived Email Signature

Illustrating the Most Significant Problem: While the extra data entry fields for the user are not very significant, the opportunities for user error / inconsistencies are:

inconsistent addresses in email signature

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