A Graphically Superior Alternative - Merged Text and Graphics


Note: The “Business Card” style shown is just an example - there is no practical limit to the appearance / layout of these designs.

Email signatures can be constructed as whole graphic images, instead of the more common combination of text and a logo. This is done by merging user entered text down onto a “background” image to create a finished graphic that is personalized for each user. While this approach generally provides the strongest visual result, the pros and cons must be taken into consideration.

Email Signature Design Graphic Style

In the past, this style of email signature has been limited to small companies, as it quickly becomes cost prohibitive to produce and maintain large numbers of customized graphic images by hand. Our proprietary online methodology accomplishes this task automatically, now making this style of email signature feasible for companies of any size.

There are no practical limits to the design of the background image, and the text can be placed precisely, using exact pixel coordinates as starting points. We typically combine some standard HTML coding along with the finished user graphic to provide the completed email signature. In this case we apply series of text-based hyperlinks at the top and another series of graphically-based hyperlinks at the bottom of the primary graphic to create the finished result.

Email Signature Design Graphic Style Final

The upfront costs of these email signatures are slightly higher, as the design and setup can be considerably more time consuming.

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