Full-Service Isn’t Always the Best Fit

There are a number of cases where our approach will not be the best fit to your email signature needs:

You Want Email Signature Maintenance to be a Primary Part of Your Job Function: If one of your primary job responsibilities (and job security) revolves around keeping a corporate email signature program humming along, you’re probably going to want the level of control and direct responsibility that comes with “pulling the levers” of the type of integrated email signature management software program that most of our competitors offer.

You Require 100% Hands-Off Automation: If you’re unwilling to do anything more than set up user accounts in Active Directory, and expect all email signature needs to be taken care of as a result, then our approach is (currently) not for you. We require an extra minute or two of time on your side.

You Want a Signature for Free or Almost Free: There are many DIY sites on the Internet that let you construct an email signature for free or a very minimal fee. We don’t offer that.

You’re an IT Company that Wants to Bill Clients for Support: If your revenue is driven in part from selling and then supporting software, and you want to bolster that revenue by setting up and maintaining an email signature program for your clients, then our approach won’t be for you.

You’ve Mastered the Use of One of Our Competitor’s Products: It’s our understanding that some of our competitors offer very good solutions (with some different features than we provide). Although the learning curve can be substantial, once you’re comfortable they should do a good job of meeting your needs.

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